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Plastic hat vacuum forming

Plastic hat vacuum forming



Process:Vacuum forming




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Plastic hat vacuum forming

Vacuum forming: also called Custom thermoforming, thermoform,pressure forming ,plastic blister or plastics thermoforming, is a simple process that uses heat to soften a plastic sheet, and then vacuum to suck it down tightly against a pattern or mold. The plastic quickly cools and retains this shape.  Example products include containers, lids, trays, clamshells and blister packaging for medical, food, electronics and consumer products.

Vacuum forming step:

Step1. Make the plastic sheet be clamped into position which above the vacuum forming mold inside the vacuum forming machine.

Step 2.The sheet is then heated by two heaters one above the sheet and one below the sheet. This method is called sandwich heating and gives a more consistent temperature throughout the sheet avoiding any cold areas which in turn gives you a sharper and more defined vacuum forming .

 Step 3.Once the sheet is heated to the correct temperature it will become pliable, the vacuum forming mold is raised and a vacuum is applied which pulls the now malleable plastic sheet down onto the vacuum forming mold.

Step 4.The vacuum is kept on while the plastic is cooled using large fans and water spray so that it retains the shape off the vacuum forming mold.

Step 5.Once the plastic is cooled the vacuum is released and the plastic part removed by gently applying a short blast of air between the vacuum forming mold and the plastic component.

Step 6.Pick the plastic sheet which is finished vacuum forming out from the vacuum forming machine. 

Step 7.Cut the edge by CNC machine or hand.

Step 8.Clearing and packing.


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